Motorcycle trials may not be as mainstream as other forms of motorcycling in the UAE, but their influence on two-wheel riding and racing is undeniable. This niche discipline has shaped the techniques of many successful riders in the hard enduro sport, a challenging competition that demands technical skills and physical endurance.

The Intersection of Trials and Hard Enduro

Riders like Graham Jarvis, Taddy Blazusiak, and Billy Bolt have leveraged their trials experience to excel in the hard enduro scene. But the benefits of trials extend beyond hard enduro. They can enhance performance in enduro, motocross, and road racing. Even everyday road riders can gain valuable insights from trials.

Trials demand a wide range of skills that can be applied to any two-wheel activity. These include precise throttle and clutch control, body positioning, and balance. It’s safe to say that the skills acquired in trials can lay the groundwork for any type of motorcycle rider, whether they prefer dirt or tarmac.

Trials in Action: A Day with Sherco Bikes

A recent Sherco trials ride day in the scenic hills surrounding Lake Glenmaggie in Victoria’s Gippsland region, Australia, offered a practical demonstration of these principles. Local trials and hard enduro star Tim Coleman guided a group of journalists, including myself, through the new Sherco range and gave us a crash course in riding a trials bike.

The day began with an introduction to static balance, followed by full-lock 360-degree turns and slow turns through a straight line of cones. Despite the simplicity of these exercises, they required intense focus and patience, especially for trials beginners. However, with practice, these skills quickly improved.

Trials Skills in Everyday Riding

The skills honed in trials are fundamental to everyday motorcycling. Clutch control, throttle control, balance, and slow-speed riding are all crucial for both road and dirt riding. However, many riders lack proficiency in these areas when put to the test, which is where trials come in.

Trials also teach the art of wheelies, an underrated skill that can be useful in various situations, like getting over a log on a trail or popping up onto the kerb to park your bike. Many riders, however, don’t know how to perform wheelies correctly. Once again, trials can come to the rescue.

Trials Bikes: Lightweight and Agile

Trials bikes are light, agile, and equipped with a relatively quiet two-stroke engine tuned for low-down, tractable torque. Once you get used to the geometry and ergonomics of a trials bike, you’ll find them confidence-inspiring. Their lack of weight and perfectly-tuned engines can encourage you to tackle obstacles you might otherwise avoid on a full-size enduro bike.

The Value of Trials

Regardless of your preferred form of motorcycling, the skills used in trials are incredibly valuable. Not only do they enhance your riding abilities, but they also add an element of fun to the experience. So, why not give it a try? Get a trials bike in your life. You won’t regret it.

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