Discovering legal and exciting places to ride your XBYKE motorcycle in the UAE can be challenging. This guide is here to help you navigate through the best locations to unleash your adventure spirit.

The Rise of Off-Road Motorcycling

The global pandemic has not dampened the spirits of off-road biking enthusiasts. In fact, the sales of dirt bikes have seen a significant rise, with people seeking new hobbies and alternative forms of entertainment. The UAE, with its diverse terrains, has become a popular choice for off-road motorcycling.

Where to Ride Your XBYKE Motorcycle in the UAE

Navigating through the rules, regulations, and closures to find legal places to ride can be tough. But fret not, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick guide on where to ride your XBYKE motorcycle in the UAE.

Motocross Tracks

Your local motocross track is one of the first places to consider. These tracks are accessible to everyone and are usually located within a reasonable distance. Motocross tracks offer a great way to spend time on your bike, meet like-minded people, and even get professional coaching. Remember, these venues usually require a day pass or membership.

Ride Parks

If you’re looking for a more relaxed, family-friendly environment, ride parks are an excellent choice. These parks often include a motocross track and various other off-road courses. Some even offer accommodation, catering facilities, and mechanical assistance. While ride parks do have an entry fee, they provide a great way to ride at your own pace in the discipline of your choice.

State and National Parks

State and national parks offer a vast amount of riding variety. However, you must be licensed and registered to ride in these areas. These parks offer a lot of variety, but remember, these are public areas and normal road rules apply.

Private Property

If you own a large-scale property or know someone who does, then you’re in luck. You can ride for free regardless of age, bike type, discipline, or time of the week or year. Just ensure you’re not disturbing your neighbors with excessive noise.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of where you ride, remember to have insurance coverage, ensure you’re legally allowed to ride in your chosen location, and maintain your bike properly. With all these boxes ticked, you’re good to go on your XBYKE adventure!