Are you thinking about racing in the UAE’s thrilling desert races for the very first time? XBYKE, the leading motorcycle platform in the UAE, brings you hot tips and essential advice to conquer the desert tracks. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, this guide will help you prepare for the unique challenges of desert racing in the UAE.

The Allure of Desert Racing in the UAE

Desert racing in the UAE is an experience like no other. The race format is simple but demanding: you race through the vast desert landscapes, battling rough and unpredictable terrains. Completing a desert race in the UAE is a remarkable achievement, and it’s on the bucket list of many riders worldwide.

Preparing for the Race: Experience Matters

If you’re a first-time competitor, it’s crucial to gain some competition experience at a local level. Participate in local races to understand race-day nerves, time pressures, and the intensity of desert racing. Previous experience will make your UAE desert race more achievable and enjoyable.

Bike Setup for UAE Desert Racing

  1. Suspension: Adjusting your bike’s suspension is vital for a comfortable ride. Seek the services of a specialized suspension tuner in the UAE, preferably one with desert expertise.
  2. Steering Damper: Installing a steering damper will help control your bike in the high-speed and rough conditions of the desert.
  3. Tires and Gearing: Fit hard-terrain tires with ultra-heavy-duty tubes, and consider altering the gearing for high-speed desert racing.
  4. Soft Grips: Soft compound grips will help prevent blisters, a common issue even among the best riders.

Essential Riding Gear

  1. Body Armour: Protect yourself from rocks and potential falls with a good set of body armour.
  2. Hydration Pack: Carry a hydration pack that can hold at least two liters, as desert racing can be a long ride.
  3. Desert Goggles: Invest in quality desert goggles with thicker foam to keep dust out. Clear vision is vital in the desert.

Safety First

Racing in the desert can be dangerous, so prioritize safety. Follow the rules, ride safe, and be mindful of the track direction. In the UAE’s desert races, understanding the terrain and respecting the environment is key to a successful and enjoyable experience.


XBYKE is committed to providing riders in the UAE with the best resources, bikes, and accessories for an unforgettable desert racing experience. Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to conquering the desert tracks of the UAE. For more information, expert advice, and the latest bikes, visit today.