Every step of your motorcycle buying journey in the UAE has led you to this crucial point – the test ride. This is your chance to ensure that your potential new ride from XBYKE is the perfect fit for you. So, let’s make sure we get it right!

Insurance and Test Ride Permissions

Before you hop on that motorcycle for a spin, ensure that you’re covered by the owner’s insurance. Inquire about the extent of your liability in case of an accident. Most sellers in the UAE are open to test rides, but it’s essential to confirm this beforehand.

Getting Acquainted with Your Potential Ride

Once you’re ready, get a feel for the bike. Check its size, weight, and seat height. Is it comfortable? Does it suit your riding style? Conduct a walkaround, inspecting the lights, indicators, and any existing damage. Any irregularities at this stage are a red flag.

Starting the Engine

When starting the engine, check if it’s cold or warm. A cold start can reveal issues like a weak battery or smoke emission. Move the handlebars through their full range and check the condition of consumables like the chain, sprockets, brake pads, and tyres.

The Test Ride

During the test ride, pay attention to the bike’s handling, acceleration, and how it rides the bumps. Check the transmission, clutch action, and brakes. If anything feels off, it might be worth continuing your search.

Post-Ride Checks

After the ride, check the engine temperature and listen for any suspicious noises. If everything checks out, it’s time to negotiate the price. Consider factors like upcoming service, registration renewal, and replacement parts in your negotiation.


Test riding a bike from XBYKE in the UAE is a vital part of your buying process. Be thorough and honest in your assessment. Remember, if the bike doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. But once you find the perfect match, it’s time to hit the UAE roads and enjoy your new ride!