Adjusting the chain on your motorcycle is a fundamental task that every rider should know. Whether you’re riding through the bustling streets of Dubai or exploring the scenic routes of the UAE, a properly adjusted chain ensures a smooth and safe ride. Here’s a step-by-step guide tailored for XBYKE riders.

1. Importance of Chain Adjustment

A correctly adjusted and lubricated chain enhances your motorcycling experience in the UAE. It not only quiets the ride but also reduces strain on other parts of the motorcycle. An improperly adjusted chain can lead to severe damage to the bike and even pose risks to your health.

2. Getting it Right with XBYKE

Using a Yamaha MT-10 as an example, the correct techniques demonstrated here apply to almost any bike available on the XBYKE platform. The exceptions are bikes with a single-sided swingarm or a classic with an eccentric adjustment setup.

3. Checking Chain Tension

Most owners’ manuals, including those for bikes on XBYKE, list the required chain slack. For instance, 20-30mm is the desired chain slack for the MT-10. If you’re riding an older bike in the UAE and can’t find information on drive chain slack, 20-35mm is a good rule of thumb.

4. Tools and Techniques

You can use tools available in the market or a simple tape measure to determine chain slack. Adjusting the chain tension requires loosening the rear axle nut and using a spanner to adjust the bolts on either side.

5. Alignment Matters

Ensuring rear wheel and chain alignment is crucial for a smooth ride across the UAE’s diverse terrains. Alignment marks on the adjuster and swingarm must line up on both sides.

6. Regular Maintenance with XBYKE

Regularly checking your chain tension is a good habit for all XBYKE riders. It also allows you to inspect the bike for other potential issues. Don’t forget to apply quality chain lube!


Chain adjustment is a simple yet essential task for every XBYKE rider in the UAE. Following these guidelines ensures a safe and enjoyable ride, whether you’re commuting in the city or embarking on a desert adventure.

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