Negotiating is often the most challenging aspect of selling a motorcycle, especially in the competitive UAE market. If you’re not a seasoned negotiator, it might be wise to seek assistance from a trusted individual to prevent potential buyers from taking advantage of your inexperience. However, if you’re ready to dive in, remember to list your bike on XBYKE at a price that allows room for negotiation, but isn’t so high that it deters potential buyers. Conducting thorough market research is crucial before setting your price.

Experienced buyers may highlight every perceived flaw with your motorcycle. Be prepared for this. They may use aspects such as the bike’s condition, colour, specifications, or lack of certain features to their advantage during negotiations. It’s important to remain calm, defend your bike’s value, but always maintain a friendly demeanour. After all, if your bike wasn’t a worthy machine, they wouldn’t be negotiating to buy it.

Before discussing the price, address the buyer’s objections with well-prepared responses. Here are some potential responses to common objections:

  • ‘The bike is in excellent shape.’
  • ‘Considering its age, the bike is in remarkable condition.’
  • ‘The bike has been regularly serviced and is in top mechanical condition.’
  • ‘This is a reliable ride.’
  • ‘The colour enhances visibility and safety, and is low maintenance.’
  • ‘This bike has been used gently and has had an easy life.’
  • ‘Including all those features would significantly increase the price.’

If negotiations seem to be at a standstill, suggest to the buyer that you’re open to a slight price adjustment, but not a significant one. This might encourage them to make an offer. Always allow the buyer to make the first counteroffer.

If the buyer threatens to walk away, you’ll need to make a decision. Are there other potential buyers out there, or do you need to keep this one engaged? Also, consider how urgently you need to sell your motorcycle.

You can tell the buyer that the bike has only been listed on XBYKE for a few days and you’d like to give other potential buyers a chance to view it. However, if the bike has been listed for a while without any interest, you can express that you can’t afford to let it go at their proposed price, but you’re still open to a reasonable offer. If the price gap is too wide, the negotiation may end without a sale.

It’s important to communicate clearly to the buyer when you’ve reached your lowest acceptable price. Use terms like ‘firm’ and ‘final’ to indicate this. Once you’ve stated your final price, stand firm.

Conclude the deal with a handshake (or a COVID-approved gesture). Happy selling on XBYKE!