“Every motorcyclist in the UAE knows the thrill of conquering the desert terrain. However, the exhilarating experience can quickly turn into a challenging ordeal if your bike breaks down. At XBYKE, we understand the spirit of our riders and their love for the desert. That’s why we’ve put together some essential desert survival tips to help you handle common bike breakages.

Handlebar Levers

A common casualty during a fall, the brake and clutch levers can sometimes snap off, leaving you with a small alloy stub. A quick fix involves using a pair of small-size mole grips, also known as vise grips or locking pliers. Attach them tightly to the lever stub, and you should be able to brake or change gears enough to get you back home.

Damaged Cases

A bent foot lever can sometimes result in a hole in the crankcase, leading to oil leakage. If this happens, lay the bike on its side to keep the remaining oil inside. Scrape around the hole with a multi-tool to expose the raw metal. Then, apply a layer of epoxy putty over the hole and let it set for about 20 minutes. This quick fix can save your ride.

Cooling System

Rocks can sometimes damage the radiator, causing coolant leakage. An unconventional but effective solution involves using pepper or sawdust. Pour it into the radiator, and as the engine runs, the pepper or sawdust will circulate and plug the leak. Alternatively, you can use a leak-repair spray like Permatex, but ensure the area is clean and free of pressure.


A snapped throttle cable can be a tricky problem. For fuel-injected bikes, strip back the outer from the ‘pull’ cable until a reasonable length of inner is showing. Tie a knot in the end, slip a cable tie or two through it, then use your thumb to control the throttle.


In the event of a completely damaged tube, you can strap the tyre tightly to the rim using cable ties and duct tape. Ride slowly and carefully to avoid further damage to the rims.

Remember, if you ever need to leave your bike in the desert, secure it to a solid object with a chain and lock. This will deter any opportunistic thieves from taking advantage of your predicament.

At XBYKE, we’re committed to ensuring your desert rides are as safe and enjoyable as possible. Stay tuned for more tips, advice, and updates from the world of motorcycling in the UAE.”