Ultimate Guide to Getting a Motorcycle License in Dubai

Introduction: Are you ready to ride the streets of Dubai on a motorcycle? Our updated 2023 guide provides you with all the necessary steps to obtain your motorcycle license in Dubai efficiently. Whether you’re a resident or an expat, this guide will navigate you through the entire process.

Eligibility for a Motorcycle License in Dubai

  • Age Requirement: Must be at least 17 years old.
  • Residency Status: Open to Emirati nationals and valid residence visa holders.
  • Eye Test: Mandatory from an RTA and DHA approved center.
  • Clearance of Fines: Necessary if holding other category licenses.

Step-by-Step Process to Get Your Motorcycle License

  1. Register with a Driving School: Open an RTA file.
  2. Eye Test: Essential for the application.
  3. Theory Lectures: Attend mandatory sessions.
  4. RTA Theory Test: Pass this to proceed.
  5. Practical Yard Training: Gain hands-on experience.
  6. RTA Yard Test: Demonstrate your skills.
  7. Road Training: Prepare for real-world scenarios.
  8. Final RTA Road Test: The last hurdle.
  9. License Issuance: Collect your UAE driving license.

Required Documents for Motorcycle License Application

  • Valid Passport and Dubai Residence Visa
  • Emirates ID and Passport-size Photos
  • Eye Test Report
  • No Objection Letter (NOC) from Sponsor
  • Original Motorcycle License (if applicable)

Training Hours and Costs

  • Beginners: 20 hours of training, approx. AED 4,000.
  • Experienced Riders: Reduced hours and costs for certain nationalities.

Transferring an International Motorcycle License

  • Direct transfer available for RTA exception countries.
  • List of eligible countries and required fees.

Recommended Driving Institutes in Dubai

  • Galadari Motor Driving Center
  • Emirates Driving Institute
  • Excellence Driving
  • Drive Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Car License Validity for Motorcycles: Not applicable in the UAE.
  2. Duration to Obtain License: Varies based on experience.

Conclusion: With this guide, you’re set to embark on your journey to getting a motorcycle license in Dubai. Remember, safety and compliance with local laws are paramount. For those looking to purchase a motorcycle, check out our guide on buying vehicles in Dubai.